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Retro Script Merchandise

Festival season is here and we decided to keep things fresh by spinning up some new retro shirt designs. The shirt artwork comes in two color schemes: yellow/red and blue/pink. The artwork is available in a variety of styles and base colors, including some new accent colors. The yellow/red artwork is available in midnight navy t-shirts in both unisex and women’s. It’s also available as a unisex tank top with gold accent stitching around the neck and armpits. Likewise, the blue/pink artwork is available on heathered gray tank tops with cyan accent stitching around the neck and armpits. Both script artwork is available as black crop tops. There’s a limited supply of the new designs, so get them while they last! We’ll try to re-stock as soon as possible based on demand. Note: All crop top styles are our standard crop top with a low chest cut, not the racerback style discussed on Facebook earlier this year.

Additionally, we’ve restocked some fan favorites: female crop tops with our pineapple artwork with Sunset and Rasta colors. And don’t forget, for extra savings, enter promo code EXTRA5 to take $5 off your order total.

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Online Payment Processing & Live Shipping Rates Are Here!

YDG Pineapple Rasta Motorcycle

There are big changes coming to You’re Doing Great! I want to start by expressing my gratitude to everyone who has supported YDG over the years, a grassroots effort to build a fun company with a positive message. The purchasing and ordering process has not always been the easiest or most straight-forward, which is why although the changes listed below are not very “sexy,” they’re very exciting as they will allow YDG to expand and focus on creativity going forward, especially as interest in our products becomes more nationally widespread.

Payment processing: YDG now offers online payment processing via PayPal. You can use an existing PayPal account to make a purchase, or checkout as a guest using just a credit card. All payments are handled securely with PayPal. If you’re local to St. Pete and wish to pay with cash, select “Cash on Delivery.”

Live shipping rates: During checkout, after entering your shipping address, the website will automatically calculate and update the cost of shipping based off of the destination postal code. We currently ship to the United States and Canada. If you’re local to St. Pete and still prefer to pickup orders locally, you can still opt for local delivery from the website.

Inventory: This will be an ongoing endeavor. You may notice that inventory is generally more available across the board at the moment. I’m moving away from doing individual pre-orders and am working to keep inventory on stock and continually revolving. If there is a specific style that you would like to see more of (size, color, design), send an email to and let me know what you’d like to see in stores and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Additionally, only products that are currently in stock are listed in the store; out of stock products are completely hidden.

Pricing: I’ve always tried to keep prices as low as possible so that YDG products would be as accessible as possible. However, I’ve reached a point where it is no longer sustainable for me to offer t-shirts at the same prices as in the past. As a result, pricing for most items has changed. T-shirts have increased from $15 to $20, while long sleeves have increased from $17 to $22. Crop tops are still $20. Koozies have decreased from $4 and $5 to $3. As a thank you to those who have supported YDG over the years, you can apply coupon code EXTRA5 at checkout to get $5 off your total order of $20 or more.

Crop Tops: A quick note about crop tops: crop tops have been very popular, which I’m really excited about. Unfortunately, the crop top manufacturer we use is different from our t-shirt/tank top/long sleeve manufacturer. As a result, the crop tops have not been as available as we would like, but we’re working on adding more to our inventory.

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to Christina Rosetti of C-Rose Media, a Tampa-Bay-based Eckerd College graduate and a wonderfully talented photographer who is helping to bring YDG apparel to life. Check her out on social media!
C-Rose Facebook
C-Rose Instagram

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Accepting Orders for Pineapple Design

Pineapple Color

We’re excited to reveal the newest You’re Doing Great! design: the You’re Doing Great! Pineapple. Why a pineapple? 1) They’re one of the most delicious things to have ever grown out of this good green earth and 2) they’re a symbol of hospitality; the fruit symbolizes those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. We are now accepting pre-orders for shirts. Here’s  how it works:

  • There are a very few sizes/styles that are already available in stock. Those can be shipped out within a day of order.
  • Most everything else allows you to place a backorder. Think of this pretty much like pre-ordering.
  • All orders should go through the website.
  • Shipping is $5 flat for every three items (ie. 1 shirt is $5 shipping, 3 shirts is $5, 6 shirts is $10, etc.)
  • The online store is not currently setup to take online payments, it serves more as like a catalog. Once you place your order, you can Venmo me at @Phil-MacDonald, or if you’re local, pay cash.
  • Ordering will be open until 11/29. After that, there’s no guarantee of shirt availability.
  • After 11/29, it will be another 1-2 weeks for them to get printed.
  • The new pineapple design is available in color and monotone. Pictures are attached.

Pineapple Color
Pineapple Color

Pineapple Monotone White
Pineapple Monotone White

Pineapple Monotone Black
Pineapple Monotone Black

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Store Is Live!

The online store is live! Here’s how it works. Most items are on back order, with the exception of a few items that are already in stock.

  • For items that are already in stock, we can ship or deliver them locally at the time of the order.
  • For back order items, we will keep back orders open for about a week, at which point, we will freeze all new orders. At that point, any order that we already have will be submitted for printing.
  • Our goal is to have all shirts ready to ship or be locally delivered by the end of July.
  • We do not currently accept online payments. At checkout you will be forced to select “Cash on Delivery.” Please send payments via Venmo to @Phil-MacDonald, or pay in cash if you are local.
  • If your Venmo name does not match the name on your order, please make sure to include the name on the order in your Venmo note.
  • If you need your order shipped, please include a note with the order indicating that you need it shipped. We will use the address included with the order form.
  • Shipping is $5 for every three items (ie. $5 for 1-3, $10 for 4-6, etc.) Please add the shipping cost to your total payment amount.
  • You should receive an email confirmation for your order. If not, check your spam folder.

For now, the products that are available in the store are all we offer. We would like to expand what we have available by the end of the year, to include tie dye shirts, flags and fanny packs, temporary tattoos and stickers, and some other ideas we have in the works.

Thanks for all your support! You’re Doing Great!

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Thank’s for your patience!

Thank you for your patience as we build an online store! In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please email to check if there are any available, or to place a pre-order. Please include size, style (long sleeve, t-shirt, or tank-top), color (black or white), and gender (unisex or female).

If you would like to contribute a photo for social media and our upcoming photo blog, please send the photo(s) to

In the meantime, check out our accompanying media publication website,, for photos, updates, and reviews of music festivals across the United States.